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On this page, you will find some of the work, class news, trips and exciting things we have been doing throughout the year.

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Mr Wilkinson

The Y3 Gift That Keeps On Giving

Well, as the song goes..."here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun..."

It would appear, the same can be said for the staff who have been busting their Xmas Booty in preparation for the final assembly... One thing is for sure, we wish you the best of the season and look forwards to seeing you all again in the new year...

Select "Read More" and download the file linked below for a real Xmas Howler - enjoy!!!

3DW Stone Age Class Assembly

This week it was 3DW’s turn to perform a class assembly, we thought long and hard about which topic to present in our assembly and finally decided to link it with our topic, the Stone Age. We decided to share some of our super topic learning with the school and told the whole of NJS the story of Mary Anning and how her discoveries changed the way we think about our world! We even shared our creative ‘Cave Art’ replicas and our awesome Stonehenge skyline silhouettes!

3DW Real PE

When 3DW joined NJS, I was overwhelmed to see that the children shared my passion for PE and they have been so forthcoming in sharing their personal PE skills which they are pursuing at home, such as dance, martial arts, football, biking, horse riding and many others. It is fantastic to have such an active set of children! During the Autumn Term in school, the children have blown me away by demonstrating a wide range of skills in Hockey, Netball, Gym and Dance.

Another Successful Fundraiser

Yet again, the children of NJS showed just how amazing they are by thinking of others before themselves... Love was in the air and children gazed longingly across the busy room at something delicious, something irresistible, something that called to their very soul... That's right, cakes and buns... Well done to all who took part from the organisers to the bakers and of course those who purchased the merchandise and ate it, such a difficult job that last part!!!