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Hello and welcome to our class blog.

On this page, you will find some of the work, class news, trips and exciting things we have been doing throughout the year.

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Mr Hewitt



The Y3 Gift That Keeps On Giving

Well, as the song goes..."here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun..."

It would appear, the same can be said for the staff who have been busting their Xmas Booty in preparation for the final assembly... One thing is for sure, we wish you the best of the season and look forwards to seeing you all again in the new year...

Select "Read More" and download the file linked below for a real Xmas Howler - enjoy!!!

"Yes! We're painting today!"

This was the cry that I heard on Tuesday morning as the children entered the classroom. This enthusiasm and excitement made me want to write this week's blog about our art lessons which linked to our topic and focussed on creating a silhouette of Stonehenge. To start, Mrs Clegg demonstrated how to create a colourful sunrise or sunset using watercolour paints and the children had to make sure that they blended their colours together well so that the sky didn't look stripy!

3NJ Are Moving Into Cyberspace!!

As part of our ever-evolving ICT provision in school the teachers at NJS have been challenged by Mr Hayes to keep a blog of the fantastic lessons and activities that happen in our classroom. This will be a new frontier for most of the teachers at school and will be a fantastic opportunity for visitors to our website to see some of the fantastic things 3NJ get up to! For our first blog entry I thought I’d share our amazing class assembly which the children in 3NJ prepared and performed for the rest of school on Tuesday 27th January.

Another Successful Fundraiser

Yet again, the children of NJS showed just how amazing they are by thinking of others before themselves... Love was in the air and children gazed longingly across the busy room at something delicious, something irresistible, something that called to their very soul... That's right, cakes and buns... Well done to all who took part from the organisers to the bakers and of course those who purchased the merchandise and ate it, such a difficult job that last part!!!