3DW Real PE

When 3DW joined NJS, I was overwhelmed to see that the children shared my passion for PE and they have been so forthcoming in sharing their personal PE skills which they are pursuing at home, such as dance, martial arts, football, biking, horse riding and many others. It is fantastic to have such an active set of children! During the Autumn Term in school, the children have blown me away by demonstrating a wide range of skills in Hockey, Netball, Gym and Dance. They have also worked really hard to contribute to the team spirit of the class and have even taken part in peer coaching and peer evaluations during sessions. When we started the Spring term at the beginning of January, a new concept called ‘Real PE’ was introduced to NJS, which focusses on the development of skills and techniques. We are currently in week 3 of our Real PE sessions and during this time the children have been practising their ability to side step using a forward and reverse pivot, skipping whilst keeping their knees and elbows high and hopscotching forwards and backwards whilst alternating their landing foot. The children have been kept busy to say the least and they have really shown their resilience towards the varying skills. During this session, the children felt they were confident with above forms of travelling and decided they were ready to apply their skills to a game scenario. The children took part in an activity called ‘Matching Pairs’ and by using one of the above techniques of travelling they were to collect the equipment in their section in matching pairs. Whilst the children were returning their equipment to their team, the team mates took an active role in coaching their teammate by encouraging top tips for posture and varying challenges and methods of support. When the children completed their challenge, a loud cheer could be heard across the hall as the children celebrated their achievements as a team. The children really seem to be enjoying the Real PE sessions, they are showing understanding of their own skills and abilities and using this to self-differentiate their activities within a session and thus taking ownership of their learning. I am so proud of each and every child in 3DW for giving our current PE curriculum 100% and working so well as a team. Well done 3DW and keep it up!