3NJ Are Moving Into Cyberspace!!

As part of our ever-evolving ICT provision in school the teachers at NJS have been challenged by Mr Hayes to keep a blog of the fantastic lessons and activities that happen in our classroom. This will be a new frontier for most of the teachers at school and will be a fantastic opportunity for visitors to our website to see some of the fantastic things 3NJ get up to! For our first blog entry I thought I’d share our amazing class assembly which the children in 3NJ prepared and performed for the rest of school on Tuesday 27th January. The focus of the assembly was ‘The Super Stone Age’ and a few members of the class travelled back in time to represent a typical Stone Age family who were compared to the modern day. We also explained how far back in time the Stone Age was and described the jobs of a palaeontologist and archaeologist. All of the class worked really hard to learn their lines and everybody had a contribution to make; trying their best to speak in a loud, clear voice and use expression to engage the audience. We also shared an entertaining music video, ‘Fossil Rock Anthem’, which is a parody of a famous chart song and explains what fossils tell us about the past. 3NJ and the rest of the school thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing along with the song so if you want to take a look for yourself, follow the link below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClJ5lwl_wM0 Well done 3NJ! I’m looking forward to our next class assembly in the Summer Term!