"Yes! We're painting today!"

This was the cry that I heard on Tuesday morning as the children entered the classroom. This enthusiasm and excitement made me want to write this week's blog about our art lessons which linked to our topic and focussed on creating a silhouette of Stonehenge. To start, Mrs Clegg demonstrated how to create a colourful sunrise or sunset using watercolour paints and the children had to make sure that they blended their colours together well so that the sky didn't look stripy! Whilst the paint was drying, the class got to work tracing the outline of Stonehenge on to black paper and then carefully cut out the image. Finally, the silhouettes were stuck on to the painted skies and this created a wonderful effect! I'm sure you'll agree that the end results are fantastic and 3NJ should be really proud of their hard work! The finished articles are going to be on display along our corridor so if you're visiting school why not pop along and admire these masterpieces!